A letter from Papa Smurf to Gargamel

Of all the naughty things you’ve done, Gargamel, THIS is the naughtiest!

Why the smurf did you post those vegas pics on Facebook, you smurfing smurf-sucker?!? We all agreed that what happens in vegas, stays in vegas, especially pictures of me smurfing a guy’s smurf with a mouthful of smurf-berries. Seriously….what the smurf?

Well that cans it. I’m gonna smurf you up…..gangsta style! I’ll go medieval on your smurf!

We’ve already captured your cat, Azrael. Right now, Hefty smurf is shaving it. When he’s done, Vanity smurf is gonna treat your cat like a 5 cent smurf…all night long. Then once we’re all smurfed up on smurfberry juice, we’re coming for YOU.

Sweet dreams, smurf-licker.

Yours sincerely,

Papa Smurf

Smurfs © Peyo


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