Dearest Back Muscles

Dearest Back Muscles

Feeling pretty damned good about yourself, aren’t you? What with supporting my weight and making me walk more or less upright and whatnot? You think you’re so tough?



Tricked ya, ya smug bastard! yyyYYEEAARRGGHH!!! sssSON of a…..lying there in the morning, all relaxed, thinking I’m just gonna roll out of bed and push myself up to a sitting position? Not this time, fucker! AAAAAHHHh….fuck me! Err….I mean….Take that! Har har! Fucked you up good and proper, didn’t I? (oh god….kill me now)

I don’t care if I walk like an old man for the rest of the week….it was worth it! Don’t mess with me, back muscles! I’ll bend over and twist to the side at the same time, WITHOUT bending my legs! Don’t think I won’t!

Ohhhh…..I need to lie down on the hard floor now. Fuck you, back muscles! Fuck you and damn you to hell!



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