A letter from St.Paul to the Corinthians

A letter of St.Paul to the Corinthians

My brothers, this is my final letter unto you, for I tell you most solemnly, that I am gonna fuck you up.

How many times do I have to write letters unto you polytheistic bastards? Do you think I’m doing this for fun? Huh? I mean, seriously….what the fuck? Papyrus isn’t cheap ya know, and I have to write this shit and then copy it out so you can pass it around….and more than half of you greek cocksuckers can’t even read!

So I say unto thee, Fuck that action! I’m done with writing these letters….time to crack some fuckin’ kneecaps and beat the word of the lord into your motherfuckin’ skulls. What’s that Demetrios…or whatever the fuck your name is? You think I’m jokin’, bitch?!? I will lay you OUT, you skunk-ass muthafuckah!

I got me a staff, bitches! And rocks too! Big ones! I will lay one upside your head, crack in your shit-eatin’ grin, and cram your head so far up your donkey’s ass, they’ll have to gut that fucker to get you back out. That’s your denari down the drain, bitch – I don’t give a fuck.

Tzatziki-eatin’ motherfuckers.



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